The Spirit of Autumn Marie Patterson

The Suspicious Death of Autumn Marie Patterson

The Untold Story


"Abusers are Con-Artists 

Stand up 

confront the Abuser"

Abuse Research/

Processing Center



Corporate America

Coercive Abusive Behavior Violating Citizens Amendments

Military Cyber Abuse

3-year Research Corporate Abuse HOUSING HABITABILITY,


Letters sent to the

Deputy Attorney General's office,

Washington County Deputy District Attorney

of the State of Oregon,


Those that fixed Autumn's Murder case 

Proof of fixed case to cover for Law Enforcement 

Rich Matrisciano Washington County Detective & Thomas Tintera Washington County Deputy DA

went for 2 collars

False charges of Child Endangerment against myself and a man I have never met or seen in my entire life except for an internet jail photo

Matrisciano due to Andrades' ethnicity assumed he was a drug dealer and put me in the path of a worker of his a street crackhead.

Andrade is

doing Life for Autumns' Murder, exonerating family members and ex-sister-in-law as her true negligent homicide death participants.

Vicarious Acts

 Railroaded by a Hillsboro Detective for his first collar naming his firstborn son after my true birth median name (Spencer)

after only 2 months on the job in Hillsboro Oregon,

 Deputy DA Tintera tossed photos at of random mixed babies "Is this your baby? what about this one? the third photo or is this her none of those photos were of Autumn? 

 he is now working cold cases in the same county in Oregon how many of his solved cases are padded. 95 cold out of 100 since his first collar

Updated July 12, 2021

Completed January 28, 2022

How Dad's list came to life 

4 Filed Government Documents based on the injuries

they each support different causes of death.

How Did Autumn Marie Die

Medical Terminology compared in each filed document:

The list of injuries

also creates three separate

cause of death,

in five separate government filed reports. 

Copy of Autumn Autopsy Untold injuries

added Pathologist definition dictionary

April 13, 2022

Pathologist Findings

Blunt force head and abdominal trauma Defined   

glossary of pathologist medical laboratory terms 

Washington County Law Enforcement Gross Misconduct 



We report and process

Domestic, psychological allegations of all Abuse directed towards all individuals.

We defend the Disabled against Domestic - psychological abuse, Residential Care, Public Housing issues also verbal, 

Cyberbullying, social media, and Text messages.

We defend the Disabled from being abused by private individuals, Property Management Businesses, and Housing Officials.

(Family and Friends)


To put in place a National Psychological Abuse law modeled after the U.K. psychological Abuse National Levy

We are a Free Service

Non-Profit Organization 


About Autumns''Murder case

Research findings.


included in the intro is Proof of Conspiracy

Those that participated in

Criminal Acts

During the Murder Investigation.

Autumn Marie Patterson was born on December 09, 1998

She took her last breath on July 12, 2000

Declared a homicide.

A letter was sent to the Deputy Attorney General's office

Attn: Fred Boss,

State of Oregon

Deputy Attorney General


What Happened to Autumn Marie Patterson?

Who Murdered her?

Why are the Murderers still free?

Was I given for their freedom?

Four Elements of Conspiracy in

The Suspicious Death of Autumns Marie Patterson Case 

My baby was murdered on July 12th, 2000 Autumn Marie Patterson.

My uncle Kenneth Spencer was a Multnomah County Sheriff at that time, Rich Matriscialno is a crooked detective. Why am I having such a tough time getting copies of my baby's files along with being threatened like I am a criminal baby murderer? My criminal file and life are padded. There are more than 25 AKA Male and Female names for false information to police officers in my file, they have not only padded files along with my life this is interfering with my future. This was done to implicate deception while they planned my life's future to exonerate themselves from the charges of NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE. When a person watches a person die, it carries a charge of negligent homicide. This railroad also involved Larita Spencer in this Scandal. They planned this RAILROAD,


My Baby deserved Justice False statements that I used Larita Spencer's identity. I am 5’2 small-boned, and she is 5’9 large-boned, we have never been the same size.

My Uncle Kenny Spencer was involved with carrying my baby's remains, he left her remains at the crematorium unclaimed. I was denied an escort to bury Autumn, later Matrisciano picked me up from Clark county to escort me to a Grand Jury hearing in Washington county to testify against Andrade knowing I knew Nothing. My uncle Kenny told me Autumn slipped, fell, hit her head on the root of a tree, and died instantly. He should have been a suspect, he had my girls first. He is the person I weaned them to. I have notarized temporary custody documents. I filed a copy in Clark county prior to releasing my girls to him along with the pediatrician, immunization records, all up-to-date, social security cards, and birth certificates, in case I had an issue getting my girls back from the family. I was unaware if I was going to be gone for 2 months or 2 years. Kenneth Spencer, my father's younger brother's position in Multnomah county guaranteed me the State of Washington would not attempt to put my girls in the Clark County system. He was a COP at that time. My sister Larita Spencer took my girls from him by threatening his job with false accusations of molestation because she was angry with Kenny, regarding their road trip from Lincoln city that obviously went bad. Larita called me with a threat “Kim I am upset with Kenny he is not going to watch my nieces, if you let him watch my nieces you will lose your babies I am not the one.'' This was from a sibling I had not seen or spoken to within 9 years. Larita's phone number is ALWAYS BLOCKED, she knew nothing of my life or my children. How they ended up where they ended up was totally done without my knowledge or my control. How was Kenneth Spencer Cleared to transport Autumn's remains and prepare the


CLEMENTE another man I had never met in my entire life, sat next to me in the courtroom corridor the day of Andrade's trial, he was told in Spanish by his legal counsel to say “I dropped my girls off at Josephina my ex-sister in-law's house”, they were both unaware of who I was, also that I could understand Spanish. I confronted them; his counsel only moved him further away from me to continue their conversation. Clemente, Andrade's step/half brother from another mother /father was also one of the Adults living in the same house Autumn died in; how was he cleared living in the house Autumn supposedly passed away in? That would have been negligent homicide to watch a baby die if that is where she actually passed away. My son told me last year “no mom, they knew Autumn was going to die, they were waiting on her to die. She was hurt so bad they got scared, she was like that when they took her to Fina's house, he was 13 at the time Corbin Springer

I called Autumn Crematorium, I've called the pathologist and the files are locked.

In July 2018 I picked up documents from the Multnomah county juvenile.

In 2018 a physical report in writing was made and sent to the office of the Deputy DA of Washington County with a response that "there is not enough information to reopen the case, those involved in the investigation will be notified there are written concerns".

Once I received that reply in writing. I called the DA office of Washington county reiterating my concerns about documents in the Multnomah County Juvenile file stating there was a trial in Washington county and MOM ADMITS for charges of child endangerment shaken baby syndrome and broken bones. The assistant took an extra day to research in-depth checking for a child endangerment allegation and or charges against me. She could not find anything or any documents filed stating there were allegations of any sort; it was noted that I was incarnated at the time. I have never met Melanie Truitt. It took me 3 years to find her. Melanie Truitt, an Attorney in Washington County the documents claimed was my assigned Court-appointed Attorney, She stated in a recorded conversation She was not and never was assigned to me as my lawyer.

No one ever told me I needed an attorney.

Instead, someone put me on medical hold in Clark county without my knowledge. A Clark County Guard asked me why I was still there. My reply was “I don't know,” he checked, later telling me Someone put a medical hold on me. It did not state who put the medical hold on, “no worries I got it removed.” I was released the next day,

Once released FBI swat raid on my home in Vancouver stated they received


I had murdered my best friend /roommate, James H Roberts, that was out of town visiting family when I was released. My friend put up his home on a $20,000 Surety Bond for my release.

Larita Spencer and Rich Martrisciano were spotted having Lunch together twice. Prior to the fake Washington county documents being transferred to Multnomah County, Matrisciano used his success as a token by naming his firstborn son Spencer. Autumn has been gone 21 years Matrisiano has been a detective in Hillsboro Washington county for 21 years his son is 21 years old

you do the math,


In 2018 I received authorization from Washington County to receive my babies/Andrade murder trial FREE OF CHARGE, I did not pick it up, because I was not ready to read it at that time. It sickened me and still does. Recently I requested the same information. I was told I have to pay 1,450 dollars plus possibly 350.00 - 250.00 for each recording and/or video.

I have requested documents from the crematorium and pathologist without positive results.

My concerns: I buried my child with that Fake death certificate.


The legal system is such a joke, that the People no longer have faith in it.

I went back to college and studied Criminal Law Torts and Remedies to get Justice for Autumn Marie Patterson. For 21 years no one's talked to me, I swear to God someone better do it soon.



 put at the head of my Grandma's Grave? She has one distinctive birthmark,

I want answers, I want Justice for my Child, and I want my baby's files Unlocked, free of charge.

I need you to do something about this.


 from your office.

I should not be going through this, no parents should ever have to go through this.


​Jamilah Sharif-Springer

The Spirit of Autumn Marie Patterson



How I beat Child Endangerment


The Letter sent to

Washington County Chief Deputy District Attorney

Roger Hanlon

June 20, 2018, via email

Washington County DA I was told at that time there was not enough information to reopen the case but

Those involved in the investigation will be notified that there is an inquiry.

**We have located the VIN number to a Silver Liberty

owned by Larita Spencer. Hidden in her Sisters'

covered parking space next to her house.

This vehicle was not wrecked it still had the new car smell 13 years later**

The Suspicious Death of Autumn Marie Patterson  

Proof of

Brainwashing techniques used

 part 1 is completed with recorded 

audio added on April 21, 2022 

  Brainwashing part 2 

Proof Emotional and physical threats by a family narcissist  

Through text messages left by Larita

to Autumn's siblings to continue mental and emotional abuse 

Autumn's Mother had a 90-day jail sentence. Her decision on where her

children resided during that time was changed without her permission.

A family member ( a sibling) interfered. Not because she had a better plan, Done just because she could and due to that interference

Autumn and her sisters ended up residing with someone other than where her Mother weaned them to.

That family member's interference resulted in

Child endangerment.

Left in a family member's home

from April 6, 2000, through July 12, 2000.

Approximately 14 weeks - 98 days.

In a matter of 56 days of Jamilah Springers' sentence

Autumn was in a vegetative state.

According to Washington County SCF report:

. Autumn had 12 broken bones some healed improperly, some healing improperly, and fresh breaks. According to her older sister, Autumn no longer walked; she scooted on the floor.

The report received from Wendy Peterson Washington County SCF,

due to a broken femur bone,

a shard of bone had traveled obstructing her intestines and causing a difficult bowel movement.

According to the police report, she could not hold up her head to feed herself.

after taking so much her soul couldn't take anymore

Autumn passed away July 12, 2000,

Andrade is in prison with charges stating

Autumn Marie Patterson died of Shaken Baby Syndrome

On July 12, 2000, at 8:30 pm

Jamilah was told by her Uncle a Multnomah County Sheriff

that 19-month-old Autumn Marie Patterson passed away from

a slip and fall and died instantly at approx. 5:30 pm.

The facts are She suffered as the family watched her slowly die.


Tiers of the crime

I dotted my I's and crossed my T's

These are people that I had not seen in many years 

I no longer lived in Oregon

(Family interference Autumn ended up dead)

My girls did not know any of them, they can not describe the inside of any of my homes in Vancouver.

We had our own family and friends in Vancouver, our own holiday feasts, and birthday parties. They were never invited to.

Family arguments, I chose not to subject my girls to.

I dotted my I's and crossed my T's, I did not leave my girls with them.

I decided who I was going to wean my girls to.

The alternate I chose in case our Uncle could not watch them was my oldest daughter's dad Merle Hicks's sister.

Francine HIcks, she put off a cruise to watch my girls in case our Uncle The Multnomah County Sheriff couldn't

I vetoed everyone else for my own personal reasons

I kept my girls away from my immediate family I didn't want them exposed to

their evil and argumentative ways and my girls were at an impressionable age.

Our Uncle the Multnomah County Sheriff,

chose to take it upon himself to violate my wishes,

"DO NOT ! tell anyone in my family, especially Mom she would want to change my decision, I will if need be".

He agreed, later after they weren't returned to him,

I called to check on them, my aunt, his wife answered the phone, she began to cry telling me what took place with Larita,

I reiterated my wishes, the phone was passed to my uncle Kenny and his response,

"I told her because that's their grandmother I had to tell her when she asked"


That was the beginning of a disastrous ending.

Now, Autumn is dead.

21 years later they are all still too chicken to fess up and tell me what went wrong, it obviously was not a slip and fall.

Autumn had multiple broken bones some healed improperly, some healing improperly, and fresh breaks, a shard of bone had traveled from her femur, obstructing her intestines, she could not hold her head up to feed herself,

she no longer walked, she scooted on the floor.

Her body couldn't take any more

19 month old,

Autumn Marie Patterson expired July 12, 2000

As they watched.


A list of things to Research was given to me by My dad

I have never made up any stories I only spot-checked the few things my Dad said before he passed in 2004

They are trying to charge you with Child Endangerment resulting in Autumn Death.

I looked up the word child endangerment to find out the element of those charges.

I order documents in 2016 it stated July 14, 2000, it says I was charged and admitted on September 14 2000 over the phone

My question: who spoke for me?

Fina doesn’t even know who she is married to her husband

has 5 different names other than the ones he is using,

My question was is he wanted by immigration

Fina stands behind Andrade he did not kill Autumn

My thoughts are that perhaps she is afraid of what he would do ...Dad said “no”.

They got the wrong guy (he began to chuckle) the detective thought he had his first collar,

a 3 strike drug collar due to Andrade's ethnicity

turned out to be theft then they found out they had

the wrong guy.

They are going to say you killed her do not feed into those lies

(My thoughts were that everybody knew that I didn’t take them there).

He said "Kim (7) are looking at a time if their lies do not stick.

She didn't have to die, maybe they thought she was going to get better.

Those words are coming out of those 7 people's mouths today. 

in 2022. How crazy is that?

Everyone that knew and touched Autumn is looking at doing time when I am finished.


18 years later, 

on March 5, 2018

My family was made aware that documents were requested to be examined for Autumn's Cause of death.

The same family member began harassing Autumn's Siblings.

They were stalked with appalling verbiage,

grouped in with 5 people.

Autumn's maternal grandmother, her aunt, 2 siblings, and her mother. This was done to provoke a negative response. Once she did not receive the response that she expected she began leaving voice threats and claiming being threatened.

She seems to think that she is our Nemesis.

April 2018

The same family was made aware of my Emotional State which resulted from amnesia after escaping an abusive

Organized Human Trafficking Ring

With that knowledge, the (same ) family member intentionally went out of her way to attempt to drive me into a psychological breakdown by sending voice messages to my Daughter with a promise to interfere with the Well being of her son.

The exact same threat was made in 2000 to her mom about her children,

" you're going to lose you, baby, because I am not the one"  

I knew that my sibling has done it before and was capable of following through

Psychological Abuse to cover a Murder

May 10, 2018

Intentionally provoked again by the same sibling

 With a Threat of institutionalization, committed to a Psychiatric Hospital against my will,

Before she apologizes to my Children for the verbally abusive voice and text messages

Evil Sibling Mothers Day Threat 


 In 2016 I received information from the Washington County DA office.

I spoke to the DA office receptionist regarding Child Endangerment Charges

giving her the date of supposed charges filed, July 14, 2000, that appeared on the filed documents sent to Multnomah county.

She researched for 2 days looking for Child Endangerment charges against me,

She could not find anything except, that I was incarcerated during that time, and my girls were left with family. 

I began my in-depth research in April 2021.

In 2018 I requested and received the documents,

looking for two words in those documents Child endangerment, 

once I found them my stomach got sick ( no one told me those changes were on the table)

but I couldn't bear to read any further until my mom talked shit in April 2021, stating

“since you keep asking who killed my grandbaby, you tell me who did it what is your story”

(what kind of shit is that)

It was at that time. I realized I had to forge on. In 2018 I spoke with Wendy Peterson SCF Washington county children services, she is now working on Domestic violence in Washington county. Wendy Peterson remembered the case, I only needed confirmation of the contents of that yellow folder she handed me while in Clark county asking Did that folder contain child endangerment charges. Of course, it had been almost 20 years, and details of the case she could not recall off of the top of her head, but she remembered the contents of the yellow folder that had all of Autumn's injuries. Wendy Peterson stated there weren't documents serving me with a charge or stating any changes of child endangerment. I called the pathologist to confirm their autopsy procedure due to the documents in that yellow folder with all of Autumn's injuries stating Matrisciano was present and observed their procedure. The assistant to Clifford Nelson at the pathologists' office stated NEVER is anyone EVER in the room during the autopsy procedure regardless of the crime, only the two of them ever. also, they do not print out the autopsy they are AUDIO AND VIDEO ONLY. I called those two places only to get answers to those questions.

I stopped there and I could not handle it anymore.

In 2021 I called Autumn crematorium on May 21, 2021, for a timeline, which I also requested via email for their official documents, for proof of the timeline. I also called Clifford Nelson at the pathologist's office. A form was sent via email on May 21st, 2021 without any results.

 The second inquiry was made in October 2021 to both places.

In May 2021, I requested a copy of the death certificate, which I did receive, but it is nothing but a copy of the forged death certificate transported by my uncle, the Multnomah County Sheriff.

According to Multnomah County,

There were filed documents in Washington County with a claim that an attorney was assigned to me on July 14, 2000, 2 days after Autumn's death named Melanie Truitt. I had been looking for Melanie Truitt since 2018. I found Melanie Truitt on December 3rd, 2021 in a recorded conversation she stated she was not my attorney. Those documents also state that I admitted to the charge and that charge involved shaking and breaking my baby's bones.

I was never informed of those proceedings. Later I was put on trial for the exact same charge in Multnomah County.

This is called double Jeopardy, a Fifth Amendment violation.

I beat it without an attorney, only because I was never informed that the charge against me ever existed and that I needed an Attorney.

I found all of this out in 2018 reading court documents that I picked up from Multnomah County Juvenile Court in 2018.

No one ever contacted me to let me know any of this was taking place or went over anything with me to let me know what false allegations were being filed against me.

I stood up and set them all straight, firmly.


Now I understand why I'm being talked to and treated like a baby killer.

Now I understand my family's confidence

(my family premeditated false allegations to continue the coverup even if the case was reopened),

Now I see it is a clear Railroad of the worst kind. I do not care what is believed.

By the end of this year, I promise you, they will be locked up of them.

I went back to college and studied criminal law Torts and Remedies, if I were to work today I'd work for an appellate attorney.

How I beat Child Endangerment 


Timestamp of how long they had my children.

I already have documentation of everything that refutes their timeline

using certified State or Government filed documents.

They had my children at 14 weeks approximately 98 days

from April 6, 2000, through the day Autumn was

pronounced dead

They removed my girls from Uncle Kenny's home,

After the first couple of weeks

My mother enrolled my oldest daughter into

Sabin Elementary. They were with them through to the day Autumn was pronounced dead.

Larita, a Sibling my girls had never seen until the day she took them from Uncle Kenny's home.

I had not seen or spoken to her in 9 years, Her phone number has always been blocked.

One day she called my home in Vancouver Wa, from another number, and made a threat.

I am upset with Kenny, I told him he is not going to watch my nieces, and if you give them to him, you are going to lose your babies because I am not the one.

She took them from Uncle Kenny's home

on my Mothers birthday April 6, 2000, for a party.

After the party,

Larita returned to Kenny's with my daughters, only to pick up their things and told Kenny

"as promised you’re not watching my nieces"

at first, Kenny told her she was bugging Then she added,

"This is how serious I am about what I said, if you don’t give them to me I’m gonna call your job and tell them that you molested them, how is that".

even though it was a huge lie.

Kenny told me he had to give them to her, they would have found they were all lies but the investigation would wreck his position, he was a Multnomah County Sheriff.

When I found out about Autumn's real injuries my family ignored my calls asking what went wrong?

YOU guys gave my babies to my babies' killers

How sick and irresponsible is that

This list is the reason why I picked up that file in 2016. Against advice from my dad. I said I'll just request the documents he looked up and said “why? The documents will support the lies.” I picked up the document flipping through them looking for one word, Child endangerment I found it and saw that I said I was changed on July 14, 2000? At the bottom, it says Mom admits,? I continued to skim through the documents that said it came from Washington County, a Red Flag Case. Autumn’s death and an anonymous mandatory reporter on July 20, 2000, the same day Mom separated my oldest two daughters and got her, her own attorney, nowhere in those documents is the conversation conference call that I do recall I was in Clark county jail (still no communication stating Melanie Truitt was speaking for me, I was never communicated with)

In this hearing, the Judge denied my Aunt Connie that already had a foster care license, and Uncle Kenny’s who had temp custody documents. The judge said (no) the mother didn't reach out( not true) and have someone get Teresa after the death of Autumn, yes I did 2 weeks passed and a celly glanced and got sick I only saw 12 broken bones and the bones broken I could read no more hyperventilated

A celly called mom's number for me and I told mom what went wrong. She said “stop listening to Kenny '' and hung up and blocked that number I had someone call uncle Kenny he said

“ Don’t read them, Kim, please mail them to me”

I did. I called fina

She hung up several more attempts. When I got through I asked for her in Spanish and she got on the phone. I started to cry “what went wrong fina” she hung up and blocked that number.

The Judge continued this doesn’t make a bit of sense he was putting Teresa in a Foster Home until this was sorted out.

Then I found out every public defender worked my file passed around like my child and I were nothing. The only one I met was Pat Sheridan in 2001 attorney assigned to me. 


A few words from a member of the family

My Favorite Sister, I am confused, about why she never defended or talked to me about what took place.

Her only question was

“Kim, Do you think the Girls would have been better off at Uncle Kennys?

They were going to put them on medication to get a check”

my response


it was almost like

she forgot Autumn was Dead

she said


A few words to the same family member

Clemente baby momma my Sister

You guys forgot about my Son. He knows everything; he has dates, and times, and documented everything. He's been sick to the stomach since age 13 over the shit you forgot. he would have pictures you didn’t know he visited me and stayed with me everywhere I lived and took photos of the girls every time he came. he was old enough to know that autumn was hurt before you guys dropped her off at Fina's house. You guys were waiting for her to die. She was hurt that bad you Must have driven over for her is that why your baby daddy Clemente was advised by his legal Council to perjure himself, told to say I dropped them off. How did I drop them off?

I was in jail, how did I murder her? you guys had her for 98 days before she was pronounced dead. 

Somebody was shaking her for real.

I made a 3-way call from jail through my Grandmother Spencer's phone to my mom's looking for my babies. My youngest sister told me that Autumn was staggering and puking without eating, so I told her to get the doctor's information from Uncle Kenny, He has all of the documents and takes her to the emergency room. The conversation ended, and we had to bunk in.

My research shows those are shaken baby symptoms.

I was told by my middle daughter, that Autumn could not walk anymore she scooted on the floor.

You were going there every day Sherrie!

Our oldest brother (Finas' ex-husband) said: "wait, Kim, Sherrie dropped off Zaza when she went to work every day Clemente watched her he is Sherrie's baby daddy, Sherrie picked her up when she got off from work, "

I asked, “So they took them out there but didn’t check on them ? “.

his response "I don't recall them staying out there at Finas', not like that“.

Or did you see my baby Scooting on the floor Sherrie, not able to hold her head Up to feed herself?

So all these years I have been waiting on you to tell me the truth that Clemente was Zaza's daddy, you never did but, when he came to pick her up she was 3 and she didn’t want to leave with him without her Mickey Mouse sweater on that she had already outgrown, she cried. That was the day that I recognized him as the man that sat next to me and lied. I didn't bring that up. Instead, I said “hey I want to write your brother a letter in Spanish so he can understand what I’m saying and he looked at me confused. I have not shared a word with that man since. He was living in the same house that autumn died in with all those injuries,

Our ex-sister in law Fina, Clemente, and Andrade along with everyone else that watched should have gotten 

Negligent Homicide (meaning they did nothing, they watched her die) 

 Clemente, got off by implicating me that was his perk in part of his plea bargain?

What was your plea bargain, Sherrie?

Saying I did it, you ALL sound insane. and you are not going to get away with it.

You ALL will be tried for

tossing Autumn aside like she was a sack of garbage to be disposed of, any way you all chose.

Yeah, you like the old me.

The old me was only around you all because I made a promise to a dead man.

Dad said "Kim don't turn your back on them they are going to need you one day"

I Loathed you all then, and I loathe you all now.

You All watched and waited for my baby to die.

Why should I treat you any different?

How's that for the past, current, and future Sissy.

Now I know why she never defended me.



build a wall of protection from further allegations

The last thing I put on The website is the letter I archived, sent

on June 20, 2018,

to Roger Hanlon the Chief Deputy DA in Washington County.

The reason I sent the letter is that I didn't feel safe.

They watch my baby die

What else are they capable of?

Larita threatened my children in text messages beginning in March 2018.

with verbal threats

“you're going to lose your baby because I am not the one”

I got home from my nieces' commencement. Her mom Sherrie had sent me a text saying I started some shit.


No, Larita purposely shoved my daughter, following through with one of her threats

knocking my Grandson out of her arms, he fell backward headfirst towards the concrete outside.

My daughter caught him before he hit his head inches from the ground.


Larita shoved her phone inches from my face in an attempt to provoke me to retaliate with physical violence,

I walked over to mom and stood next to her left side, Larita followed shoving her phone in my face again

I moved to the right when mom Larita came again.

I said to Mom

“ Mom, you birthed the bitch into this world, you control your bitch.”

I walked off and walked home.

That was it.

If they knew me at all they would have known I will dial 911, before I strike.

like the call that I made on the way home that day.

I felt they would get violent with me and try to say I got violent with them.

Noted in the letter to Washington county:

My caregiver reported my sister Larita who is a close associate of the DA and is close to Rich Matrisciano.

For physical and psychological abuse.

This was also reported to the Aging and Disability office.

The incident took place on June 4, 2018, immediately after Grant High Schools' commencement.

*I am proud of The Spirit of Autumn Marie Patterson website*

The Final Chapter 

Thank you

A Thank-you Note to all

 In 2018 I formatted this website to show proof as I collected it.
I opened my first social media account in 2018 to establish a voice.
These were voices to get what happened to Autumn out into the Universe.
I had only 58 followers.
That account was hacked in early 2019. When I started over 2 followers had hung in there with me the entire time. They taught me about messenger to continue communication incognito. Louise Parremore, and Mr. R Vickers
Louise has believed in my mission from the beginning now that the truth is out I am finally finished with the exposure.
I am now working on the Justice end, dealing with the legal system, the law, DOJ,
They are the ones TRULY RESPONSIBLE for this sloppy investigation.
This sloppy police work is in violation of the 5th Amendment, Due process, false charges, false convictions, and Double jeopardy.
I'd like to thank my Dad Melvin Spencer Sr (RIP) and my stepmom Hazel Jones
for being there with me during this horrible tragic incident, and
supplying me with information and documentation to continue my research for my findings on who and how Autumn died.
Thank you for coming and assisting me after every homebirth.
  • My children Corbin, Epiphany, and Teresa for putting up with me during late night and early morning text messages.
Dennis Springer for fathering me my firstborn son Corbin
Merle Hicks for fathering me my beautiful first daughter Epiphany, and Francine Hicks my daughter's Aunt for being in my girls' lives.
Tyrone E Patterson for fathering me two beautiful daughters Teresa and Autumn
My brother Melvin Spencer Jr. for having a good ear,
My cousin Wendy Hammond and Big P,
for clear conscious assistance and constructive input.
James H Roberts, my friend, and homeowner for your friendship and for putting your home up for my
cousin Gentry Parker-Rhodes and his neighbor Kevin Broadway for being there for me and my girls and introducing me to awesome people when we moved to
Best Friend Eugene Leroy Williams III for supporting my cause.
Jeanine Horn my friend to the end, for never forgetting me in 21 years
Gretchen Ridgeway, my grade school, and high school buddy pushed me to get Justice for Autumn supporting
me from out of state.
Elaine Burge for the support, believing in me, and proofing my
Cousin Elona Hendrix for pushing me never to stop until I get Justice for Autumn.
Louise Parremore, my Long distant friend put up with me from the beginning of my research and family dilemma in 2018 through today.
Rachel McDonald ex-clinician. Now Portland Police Officer, for convincing me it was okay to open up and talk about my baby's death, my grief, and family issues with the death of my child.
Elise Haas news anchor, for holding all copies of the messages sent out to the family involved in these allegations, just in case.
Also Mr. Vickers for inspiring me, and
those that proofed my intro document, Elaine Burge,
Cheryl Standifer. 
 Lynette Bryant and her fiance Dale for the boost of sunshine when I was walking underneath a stormy cloud.
 Thank you Almighty God Allah 
for giving me strength and  determination to carry on
Please watch over my Angel

R.I.P My little Autumn Marie 

(my angel)


Jamilah K Sharif-Springer April 2022

We own the rights to all content of this website including the content of all video and audio in these presentations

Case filings in the Senate 




The Suspicious Death of 

Autumn Marie Patterson

 State of Oregon

Washington/Multnomah County

Law Enforcement

Prosecutorial Misconduct

intentional false convictions.


The Suspicious Death of

Autumn Marie Patterson

 Untold Story 

Autumn forged Death Certificate

Conflicting remarks from the Forensic Pathologist

Death Certificate discrepancies family involvement

and Attorney Washington County  


Who Murdered Autumn Marie Patterson 






Mistaken identity gave a man, life for Autumns' death

Railroaded by Hillsboro Detective they thought he was someone wanted in California for life so they pinned him for her death. 


 State of Oregon

Washington/Multnomah County

Law Enforcement

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Knowingly Construct False Convictions


The Ironic thing is,

 that family members And her mind was the nemesis of

 The Springer family.

truly believed she had the power to commit a family member to a psychiatric ward against their will

This time Jamilah was prepared to push back

She STOOD UP and Confronted her Abusers

in court and in life.

According to Oregon Law,

Mental Health conditions due to a traumatic event and

psychological disabilities are treated totally differently.

diagnosed as a Mental Illness,

an individual has to be a harmful threat to oneself before a Judge would consider beginning the process to commit a disabled person against their will.

Family members no longer have the power to commit family members against their will. Those days are long gone.

Autumns' Mother, Jamilah Springer realized that psychological abuse from family members is a serious issue here in Oregon

She took these tragic events in her life and decided that Autumns' horrible death will assist those, who are, have been, or are in fear of being psychologically and or physically abused by

(family and friends)

To you 

using the same sick rhythm and tone




Altered Photos 

After Autumn's death, you could not search her name on the internet and find out what happened to her.

Later, it was where you could search her name, and Andrade's story would show up with a short lie.

Years later I'd search for her name, a little Caucasian child with the same name, Autumn Marie Patterson, that died would pop up

(her entire story).

Now, when I search for Autumns' name on the internet

the truth is out

I formed this 

Non-Profit Organization

To Make a Difference 


To put in place a National Psychological Abuse law modeled after the U.K. psychological Abuse National Levy ©

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There are controlling family members and they need to be stopped

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